Malang Bohéme is a luxury bohemian fashion label that captures the essence of the bohemian lifestyle, Indian motifs, and timeless boho patterns. Our vibrant colors and intricate feminine prints evoke a sense of nostalgia, while our creations embody a unique fusion of classic boho designs with a modern touch.
At Malang Bohème, we prioritize practicality, functionality, and durability, ensuring that our clothing line not only reflects your individual style but also stands the test of time
Our love of the bohemian lifestyle, and vintage patterns shine through in all our creations!

Malang Bohéme collection takes inspiration from the rich traditions of the bohemian lifestyle, with a touch of modernity to make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd. The fabrics are high quality and luxurious, but they still feel casual enough to wear with jeans and sneakers. Each of our style is crafted carefully considering quality, longevity and the comfort of the garment.

We understand that fashionable clothes should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. We don’t appreciate fast fashion, seasonal collections and fashion trends. Instead we offer timeless fashion for free spirited women, perfect for all seasons and occasions. 

Our aim is to promote sustainable fashion, safe for the environment and people in every way possible: everything matters—from materials used to manufacturing processes and shipping. Malang Bohème only uses eco-friendly certified fabric and plant-based packaging materials. We carefully choose raw materials that are easily compostable, biodegradable, or recyclable to minimise our carbon footprint and keep waste down to its roots.

We offer you clothing that is kind to the environment. our makers strictly practice environmental sustainability at workplace, meet international standards for social compliance including fair wages, equal work rights, safe and healthy work environment. They share our values of quality and ethics.

We Take Pride In Every Piece We Make, And Hope You Love Wearing Our Clothes As Much As We Love Making Them

The Deep Meaning Behind Our Brand Name

Malang Bohème

MALANG is a widely used term in the sub-continent, refers to a spiritual person or free soul who doesn't bother with society's rules for living. Our brand reflects the unconventional way of life that embodies this spirit, and its name expresses our commitment to it.
Malang Bohème is a brand name that means so much more than just a fashion label.
It's about finding your own style and making it your own. It's about being yourself, no matter what.
And it's about embracing the deep meaning of your identity—no matter who you are or where you've come from—and never letting anyone else define who you are.
Malang Bohème strives to connect with this spiritual energy by offering original designs that are both timelessly chic and intrinsically bohemian.
We believe every woman can become a beautiful, confident, and powerful version of herself—no matter what life throws at her!